1. dating a bipolar girl? | Yahoo Answers

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    10/23/2010 · we only got talking a week ago, things have blossomed rather well. lastnight we were talking and she suddenly told me we shouldnt be together, i'm too good ...

  2. Dating A Bipolar Man? | Yahoo Answers

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    12/10/2010 · I recently dated a bipolar man who wanted to be in a relationship. We barely met for about a month, and he started calling me his soulmate. Then after not ...

  3. Dating a girl with Bipolar? | Yahoo Answers

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    5/4/2011 · Yahoo 7 Answers Sign in Mail... Dating a girl with Bipolar? ... Dating a bipolar girl? More questions. Have any of you dated a girl that is bipolar?

  4. Dating a guy with bipolar? | Yahoo Answers

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    2/7/2016 · So the guy I'm dating is bipolar? So I'm dating this guy with bipolar / depression. Things were going great but he started acting distant. I said why ...

  5. Dating a bipolar woman? | Yahoo Answers

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    2/16/2014 · I got attached to her. We been together for a year and a half. But she has crazy outbursts... One minutes he will pack up her things to leave me while on ...

  6. DATING and Bipolar Manic Depression with Panic ... - Yahoo

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    12/22/2007 · I am a diagnosed Bipolar Manic Depressive NOS with Panic/Anxiety Disorder. I have been in mental hospitals more times than I …

  7. When Your Dating Profile Includes Mental Illness - Yahoo


    5/20/2015 · Navigating the dating scene is hard for anyone ... When Your Dating Profile Includes Mental Illness. ... you have a mental condition like bipolar or ...

  8. Bipolar Dating Question? | Yahoo Answers

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    11/18/2016 · I've been seeing a guy for 8 months. He is dating someone, but has told me he has feelings for me. Some days he talks to me more than he'd talk to ...

  9. Bipolar Romantic Relationships: Dating and Marriage - WebMD


    Bipolar Romantic Relationships: Dating and Marriage. Whether you or your loved one has bipolar disorder, you can learn to make the relationship work.

  10. women would you ever date a bipolar man? | Yahoo Answers

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    12/29/2011 · Yahoo Philippines Answers ... Women would you ever date a bipolar man? ... its like dating any normal guy the only thing that was different is the ...